Summary of our 2023 Impact Report

We’ve made it our vision to profoundly impact the lives of clients and we want to redefine what great financial planning means. Our 2023 Impact Report has just been released and part of this is our 2023 B Corp score, which shows the progress we have made since 2019. Below is a breakdown of our scores and how we put people, planet, profit at the heart of what we do.

Our 2023 B Corp Score

We are thrilled with our new score of 148, which is a 62-point jump from 2019! This achievement is entirely down to the dedication of our partners, who live and breathe the B Corp mindset of purpose beyond profit and being a force for good.

Our score of 148 is one of the highest in the UK and we made the biggest improvement of any UK B Corp company in 2023. In fact, our 62-point increase is more than triple what B Corp recommends that businesses should attempt to increase by in a three year period.

The B Corp score measures the positive impact performance of a company, including for the environment, communities, customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders.

Breakdown of our B Corp score

We made some huge improvements in each of the five impact areas, with the biggest coming from the People area where we increased to 71.1 points. While this was the biggest jump in points, our previous score was very high, so this wasn’t the largest improvement. Our biggest improvement in terms of percentage was the Environment area where we made a 118.9% increase, with the Governance closely behind with a 114.6% increase.

Key stats

  • Scoring 9.5 on average when clients were asked if they would recommend Paradigm Norton to friends and family (where 10 is ‘strongly agree’).
  • Ensuring 40% of AUM is now in our responsible or impact portfolios (a 12% jump since our last report).
  • Focusing on being a great employer, nurturing our team and providing a rich employee experience, because ‘people matter’.
  • Becoming employee-owned and giving our team the information, influence and reward they are entitled to.
  • Donating £60,000 towards improving child welfare, education, and poverty relief.
  • Investing £18,500 in energy efficiency measures. B Corp environment score up 118.9%.

Read our full 2023 Impact Report

If you would like to read the full Impact Report 2023 – A big step forward you can download it below. We have also broken down each of the core areas into bitesize articles for you to look at as well.

Download the Paradigm Norton Report

Looking for something specific in our 2023 Impact Report?

To make it easy for you we have broken down the full report into bitesize articles for you to read.

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Our impact on our people – creating a dynamic culture

Our impact on the community – the ripple effect

Our impact on the environment – a team of environment champions

Our impact through governance – building for the long term

How the Paradigm Norton Trust is making an impact

The impact and value of our employee ownership trust board

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