Impact Report 2023: How the Paradigm Norton Trust is making an impact

Giving back has always been important to us. Long before becoming a B Corp, we started The Paradigm Norton Trust to enable our philanthropy. For over 16 years, we’ve proudly supported local and global charities.

In the last year we have donated £60,000 to causes we care deeply about. We’ve also strengthened ties with these organisations to further our mission of compassionate service.

How we support communities in need

Our core causes are child welfare, education, and poverty relief. We decided to support smaller UK and international charities, enabling us to see the direct impact of our donations. As charities finally recover from the disruption of Covid-19, applications have increased to over 150 this year. One of our longest-standing relationships is with Children of the Dump. This is a UK-based charity that delivers essential family support and compassionate care to underprivileged children living in dire conditions near the Payatas and San Isidro rubbish dumps in Manila. People scavenge here daily for food scraps and rubbish that can be sold for recycling. It’s an unforgiving sweltering tropical environment, swarming with flies. The poverty is absolute. Normally children help out on the stinking, poisonous dump from a young age because there’s no money for childcare or schooling.

We are actively involved with Children of the Dump and in regular contact. Our contribution helps to bring positive change and uplifts the communities through education and improving child welfare.

“Paradigm Norton’s support has helped 200 students attend Cashew Tree early years school. This means they become students in demand, rather than automatic failures in the school system. Students with academic potential are selected for long-term support from the Grapevine Scholarship. Our residential home means over 350 children have a safe home, educational support, food and pride in their achievements.” Kay Mackay, Chair, Children of the Dump

Other impactful charities we’ve supported include:

  • Third Hope rehabilitates and educates former child soldiers in Uganda
  • Circus Starr funds circus trips for disadvantaged children
  • Gympanzees adaptive exercise opportunities for children and young people with disabilities

Our next steps

We’ll donate £60,000 next year as well, with plans to grow our donation levels steadily over the next seven years in line with company growth. We also aim to encourage a philanthropic mindset among our clients to help build the impact of the Trust.

Our B Corp score increased by 59.3% in the community category. To find out more, download our Impact Report 2023 – A big step forward.

2023 impact report

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