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Helping our clients follow their dreams

We work with all kinds of people to give them freedom in retirement, ease financial anxieties, expand their choices, instil confidence and provide a fresh perspective. Here some of our clients share their stories:

Peter and Priscilla Lawson

A comfortable retirement

It’s important to know that your finances are working for you in retirement. Peter and Priscilla talk about the comfort they gain from having a financial expert on hand to educate them and do the worrying for them. Giving them the freedom to enjoy retired life in the country.

“When you select a firm of financial planners to manage your financial affairs you need people who you can trust. I trust my team at Paradigm Norton implicitly.”

Tony Robinson

Actor and TV Presenter

Tina Kothari

The availability of choices

Having choices is one of the outcomes of successful financial planning. Here Tina shares her love for creative cooking, her views on money management and how we’ve helped her to achieve a freedom that has enabled her to live her life to the full.

“I get great peace of mind from the comprehensiveness of the financial planning I receive from Paradigm Norton; it’s one of the best things about their service. Their advice has significantly changed the way I think about my finances and I now have a much better understanding of my financial goals.”

Victor Tettmar

Former Managing Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson Solicitors

Butter Wakefield

Giving clients confidence

Not all of our clients want to understand the intricacies of their finances. Butter Wakefield talks to us about her relationship with money and why outsourcing financial planning gives her the confidence to concentrate on her strengths and growing her garden design business.

Bridget McCrum

Liberation in life

Through financial planning, we liberate our clients to live the life they desire and to follow their passions. We’ve helped Bridget McCrum lessen the burden of inheritance tax and here we celebrate her passion for sculpture.

I love what I do, I am incredibly busy, and wish to focus on what I do best. I am not so financially minded and therefore need a team who think clearly, are financial experts and who will challenge my thinking. This is what Paradigm Norton do for me. They have a perspective which I find very refreshing.

Nick Park

Director and Animator

Charlie Jones

Celebrating our clients

Charlie wanted to make sure his investments were working for him so that he could spend his time concentrating on his music career. Here Charlie shares with us his love and passion for life, music, family and his incredible journey working with the legendary Robert Plant, Goldfrapp and others.

Planning is


We’re a values-led company and we believe your values should be at the heart of your decision making, acting as a compass to guide you to achieve future financial wellbeing.

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