We are Proud to be Chartered Financial Planners

Our Vision

A key part of the vision of Paradigm Norton is as follows:

‘To be foundational in the building of the global profession of Financial Planning’.

Since the start of the firm in 2001, we have been wholeheartedly committed to building the financial planning profession. Senior team members have been in the most senior positions of the various professional bodies that represent the profession of financial planning, both in the UK and internationally.

What is a Chartered Financial Planner?

Attaining ‘Chartered’ status is challenging and takes a huge commitment. We encourage our financial planning team to attain ‘Chartered’ status as evidence of their technical knowledge and professionalism.

Being a Chartered Financial planner:

1. Creates the opportunity to join a prestigious group of technical experts;

2. Recognises the highest levels of technical knowledge;

3. Ensures parity with the other UK professions;

4. Allows clients to be confident that their professional adviser possesses the highest possible level of technical competence and expertise and that they follow a clear code of professional conduct.

Paradigm Norton are immensely proud to be a firm of Chartered Financial Planners.

Central to the CII charter is a code of conduct that always places the client’s interests first. Chartered Financial Planners sign up to an ethical code and commit to significant hours devoted to continuous professional development in order to keep their knowledge of the fast-changing financial planning profession current.

Chartered status is a mark of technical competence. It demonstrates that we are at the forefront of the financial planning profession and serves as a mark of trust for clients.

The Chartered Insurance Institute, a body with over 100 years of history, is the organisation that grants the ‘Chartered’ designation to both individuals and firms.

It is our view that clients looking for professional financial planning advice on key issues such as retirement planning, estate planning and investment portfolio management, should always engage with a firm of Independent Financial Advisers who have achieved the gold standard of ‘Chartered Financial Planner’ status.

Currently* there are over 23,000 individual members of the Institute and Paradigm Norton are proud to be one of only 900 firms that have the ‘Chartered Financial Planner’ designation and status.

*Accurate as at 2020.

This article is distributed for educational purposes and should not be considered investment advice or a recommendation of any particular security, strategy, or investment product.