From money taboos to money as energy – interview with Barry Horner

In this episode I chat to Barry Horner. Barry is Co Founder and CEO at Paradigm Norton. He is a thought leader within the financial planning profession and is a regular speaker at financial planning conferences and events both in the UK and overseas.

Why am I chatting to one of my colleagues at Paradigm Norton? Well, if I am expecting our guests to share their money stories and wisdom, it’s only right that we ask the CEO of our sponsor too!

We talk about the money taboo that existed in Barry’s family growing up and how Barry has sought to overcome this with his 3 (now adult) boys. We talk about money as an energy, roles in a marriage, charitable giving , experiences vs stuff, people who have influenced Barry along the way and legacy.

At the end of our conversation Barry shares a piece of money wisdom around living life intentionally.

Sit back, grab yourself an espresso (or drink of your choice!) and enjoy the conversation.

Barry can be found at Paradigm Norton

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