Purpose on a par with profit

We’re looking at our business through a new lens. Not rose-tinted ones, but ones that truly consider our global impact.

The sustainability revolution

Considering our impact is at the heart of our business.

What are the consequences of the investments we advise on? What impact does our work have on clients? How does being a B Corp affect our people? How can we support communities? How might we continue to lead with integrity?

We measure our success by the lives that we have positively impacted, not simply by the usual business metrics of share price growth. Yes, we want to be profitable. We want to grow the business sustainably and impact more lives. Of course, we also strive to deliver an outstanding level of client care, but surely that is business as usual.

“There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.”

Marshall McLuhan

Impact ─ we’re working as a force for good

Our singular purpose is to impact the lives of our partners, our clients and our community for the better, forever. Yes, lots of companies say that, but we really walk the talk. You can find out more about our journey and approach in our Impact Report. We’re working as a force for good, dedicating equal focus to our clients, our planet and our people.

Planning is


We’re a values-led company and we believe your values should be at the heart of your decision making, acting as a compass to guide you to achieve future financial wellbeing.

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