Awarded Adviser Firm of the Year

On Wednesday 26th June we attended the 2019 Money Marketing Awards in Moorgate, London.

We had been shortlisted for the Adviser Firm of the Year award.

We waited while 18 other award categories were announced and the winners collected their golden token of success. As the penultimate award for the evening, Adviser Firm of the Year was clearly the category to win.

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After the nominations had been announced, we waited eagerly to hear the winning firm’s synopsis. The speaker, Martin Bayfield, had begun:

When deciding on our top award this year, the judges had a tough decision on their hands. However, the innovative, value focused offering of Paradigm Norton is what took them over the line. “Culture” was a word that stood out amongst the feedback, as the firm takes the bold step towards employee ownership, and continues to build on the trust it set up to promote its charity work. “They demonstrate clear value add elements to them,” one of the judges said. “You have to ask why some other firms are not doing what they do.” With a leadership academy breeding not only the advisers of the future, but the ones that will set the tone from the top, the firm has shown it can deal with the succession planning issues plaguing other advice firms. With the catchphrase “loving our clients to death” the judges decided Paradigm Norton had what it took to be a great advice firm, helping their clients navigate their whole life journey with a fully rounded proposition.

After hearing our name, we took to our feet, hands in the air, delighted to be recognised for such a prestigious award for the second time. Barry Horner collected the award from Justin Cash and Martin Bayfield while the rest of the team celebrated.

Barry Horner commented: “It was wonderful to win this coveted award for the second time. We had to go through a rigorous selection and interview process, and it was such great news that we were determined by the judges to be the best adviser firm in the whole of the UK. We are thrilled to be recognised as a firm that delivers outstanding service and financial planning solutions to our clients. It’s wonderful to be recognised like this by the best in the profession – and wonderful too that it’s a Bristol firm leading the way and setting national standards of excellence.”

The award recognises the hard work and dedicated of the whole team. Congratulations.

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