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As Financial Planners we like to practice what we preach and in November 2018, Paradigm Norton Client Director & Financial Planner, Ruth Sturkey achieved one of her life ambitions – to trek Nepal. This was no ordinary trek, rather it was a new, to Westerners anyway, trek organised by Tendi Sherpa, (a veteran of 12 Everest ascents even though he is only mid 30s), to his home village of Saisima set deep in the Khembalung Valley.

A trek with a purpose

The purpose of the trek was to raise money for the Tendi Sherpa Foundation (TSF).

The foundation was set up by Tendi to provide education and vocational training to children and young people (many of whom have lost their fathers on Everest) in the remote communities from which he comes and to build bridges to link isolated villages.

The 9 day and night trek with only 1 rest day (when it rained!) was gruelling, imagine being on a Step Machine for 7 hours a day, for 9 days. We were always climbing or descending, following the rugged and at times treacherous paths that the locals use to get from village to village. If we weren’t scrambling up a steep bank, we were edging across a landslide, or watching our footing as we descended over loose stones, wet leaves, skiddy mud or rampant tree routes! A killer for the knees and concentration.

Our destination was Saisima, a 4 day walk into the middle of nowhere. Literally, walking is the only means of access. For people, goods, food, building materials, medications, everything. It is a really sobering feeling to know that even if the going is tough, very tough at times, all you can do is keep walking. We saw no western people for 8 days. No phone signal, nothing.

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A life affirming experience

What have I learnt from my experience? I guess it was a resounding affirmation of all the things I know; be thankful for what you have; slow down and enjoy the moment; take time to laugh more; move more; don’t always be thinking about the next thing; less is more; enough is sometimes very little; life is about experiences not stuff; seek out people who lift your spirit; always be learning and never stop exploring.

A rare opportunity

To mark the occasion, Paradigm Norton hosted an event with Tendi Sherpa, allowing him to tell his extraordinary tale. We captured some of the best bits of the night on film for you to enjoy.

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This article is distributed for educational purposes and should not be considered investment advice or a recommendation of any particular security, strategy, or investment product.