No-froth conversations exploring money and life.

People are often inhibited when it comes to talking about money for a whole host of reasons whether cultural, religious or personal experience.

Many of us carry money stories from childhood that continue to influence us as adults. Some struggle to see that money is just a means to an end and that the decisions we make around money can change our life.

That’s why we launched the Money Espresso podcast with our Non-exec Director Ruth Sturkey:

“I have always been fascinated by people’s relationship with money, the decisions they take and the impact that can have on their lives and those around them. Money remains a taboo subject. I’d like to change that. My hope is that the shared experiences of our guests inspires listeners to talk more openly, think differently about their finances and make better money and life decisions”

Ruth Sturkey

Ruth’s guests come from all walks of life, sharing personal stories, discussing the influence money has had on their decisions, and what money means to them now. She delves into the tricky money and life questions people wrestle with, leaving listeners with some money pearls of wisdom and a shot of inspiration!