Investing is easy; it’s managing emotions that’s hard – interview with Tim Hale

In this episode I chat to Tim Hale, Founder and Managing Director of Albion Strategic Consulting to learn why an active fund manager came to see a better way to invest.

Tim started life in Corporate Banking in Hong Kong where he witnessed the drive and urgency money can bring. After achieving an MBA from Cranfield School of management Tim moved into the investment world working for Chase Asset Management, now part of JP Morgan. It was during this time that Tim noticed the randomness of investment outcomes and saw the real prize was the capture of investment market returns, not beating the market.

This, and Tim’s realisation that he had little desire for more material possessions caused him to leave investment management. He set up Albion to use his experience and knowledge to help investors make better decisions and get better outcomes.

We discuss damaging money behaviours, Jack Bogle, the zero sum game and the belief that paying more must lead to better investment outcomes. Tim shares his personal money habits, his spending choices and he calls out the psychology deployed by supermarkets to influence our buying decisions.

At the end of our conversation Tim shares his guilty money secret and his Money Pearl of Wisdom.

Albion Consulting is Paradigm Norton’s external investment consultants.

Sit back, grab yourself an espresso (or drink of your choice!) and enjoy the conversation.

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