Money and currency? don’t confuse the two – interview with Tina Kothari

In this episode I chat to Tina Kothari. Tina came to England as a small baby. She tells her story from getting a Philosophy Degree, to commerce and banking, to becoming a counsellor and trainer working with people with addiction and eating disorders in Europe and the USA, before working with executives at Blue Chip companies. She explains how her life experiences fired her passion for Human Rights. She has combined this passion with her love of film to launch Another Way Now, an organisation dedicated to shining a light on human rights abuses, changing conversations, and bringing action, to what is happening in the world.

Tina shares her experience of the power of stories to motivate and educate. We speak about the difference between money and currency and why money is such a cause of angst in relationships. She explains the three principles that guide her spending on her (adult) children.

She finishes off with her best money purchase for around £30 and her Money Pearls of Wisdom.

Sit back, grab yourself an espresso (or drink of your choice!) and enjoy the conversation.

Tina can be found at Another Way Now – or on Instagram @anotherwaynow

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