From law to the radical redistribution of wealth; a woman on a mission – interview with Stephanie Brobbey

In this episode I chat with Stephanie Brobbey. A Londoner, born to Ghanian parents, Stephanie recently gave up an offer of Partnership in a law firm to found The Good Ancestor Movement. Stephanie speaks about her upbringing in Shepherds Bush where money was tight and her early exposure to those with less. She explains how she managed her own experience of money scarcity and how coaching and therapy have helped her step away from a burgeoning career in law to live in alignment with her values to achieve a purposeful life.

We explore how her views on philanthropy have evolved as she delved deeper into the issues of wealth, social justice, inequality and climate change and her dream of a world where philanthropy no longer needs to exist.

She introduces us to The Good Ancestor Movement which exists to help the very wealthy decide on their financial ‘ceiling’ and to develop strategies to radically redistribute wealth which are both reparative and regenerative.

Finally, Stephanie tells me about her Best Buy under £30 and a truly thought provoking Money Pearl of Wisdom.

Sit back, grab yourself an espresso (or drink of your choice!) and enjoy the conversation.

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