Don’t focus on goals, let values and purpose guide you – interview with Carl Richards

In this episode I chat to Carl Richards, a Certified Financial Planner, international keynote speaker and thought leader. Carl simplifies the complex using sketches and stories. His Sketch Guy column has appeared weekly in the New York Times for the past 10 years.

In this thought-provoking conversation Carl explains why money is not just about spreadsheets and ‘math’, it’s about feelings and emotions. How we spend our money is not just fact, it tells a story of our life and values. He speaks about the scarcity of money growing up, the importance of recognising the ‘rat race’ and making sure the race we each run is the one that represents our own truths and values.

Finally, Carl shares his best money purchase for around £30 and his Money Pearls of Wisdom.

Sit back, grab yourself an espresso (or drink of your choice!) and enjoy the conversation.

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