Lee Dunn

Client Director/Head of Investments

Lee joined Paradigm Norton in 2001 after graduating from Bristol University with a first-class degree in Economics and Economics History. He is a Chartered and Certified Financial Planner.

Lee and his team work with a mix of clients, but are focussed on those whom require specialist investment advice and/or with complex needs.

In recent years, as a B Corp, we’ve been increasingly focussed on helping clients to invest as responsibly as possible. Afterall there doesn’t seem much sense in maximising investment returns if we destroy the planet along the way! Our view has evolved that stewardship and engagement of the companies our clients invest in is probably the best tool in the armoury for investing responsibly. And so we’ve shifted focus to working with global asset managers that are best practice at achieving the difficult balance of delivering the investment returns needed for clients to maintain financial independence, whilst putting the necessary pressure on companies invested in to meet their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) obligations.

Outside of work
Lee has two teenage daughters who keep him occupied! To prepare for the day, Lee does yoga first thing every morning, he regularly plays football and likes to travel to exotic new places.