Cathy Murphy

Head of Tax

Cathy is a dual qualified Chartered Tax Adviser and Chartered Accountant with over a decade of experience in the tax industry. She began her tax career at KPMG, where she worked on a variety of complex tax matters for high net worth individuals and businesses. She has also spent some time in industry working for a tech startup, gaining valuable experience in the fast-paced world of start-ups.

In 2021, Cathy joined Paradigm Norton to lead the Tax team. She specialises in all matters relating to personal tax and tax planning and has previously worked with a wide range of clients including family offices, large family groups, non-UK resident individuals and entrepreneurs pre and post transaction.

Cathy enjoys becoming a trusted advisor to her clients and supporting and educating families through periods of succession planning. She is also an expert in translating complex tax concepts into something that her clients can understand.

Outside of work

In her spare time, Cathy volunteers as a Guide Leader for her local Guide Unit and is a trustee of her village community centre.

As a new mum and dog owner, she also spends a lot of time chasing around after her little boy and dog, Rolo! When she can get a moment to herself, she enjoys a run or a workout at the gym.