Dave Lewis

Head of PN Sports | Senior Financial Planner


Dave retired from professional rugby in 2019 and has a passion for working with pro athletes to help them retire on their own terms. Having enjoyed the ups and downs of a 12-year career in professional rugby, Dave witnessed first-hand the lack of education around money, and the challenges that many athletes face when moving from the sporting world to the ‘real world.’ His experiences have fuelled his commitment to educate more athletes around money, working with them to build their wealth through personal financial planning, transition to a second career or retirement as smoothly as possible, and live a life on their terms beyond their sporting careers.  

Outside of work  

Spending time outside with his family and English bulldog is where you’ll find Dave most of the time. Playing rugby has been replaced by Hyrox training, and when he’s not being active, you’ll often find him reading Harry Potter, watching Bluey, or finding a quiet moment in a great independent local coffee shop.