Estate Planning

We believe that your beliefs and values should dictate how your wealth is passed on. In our experience estate planning is an emotive subject that involves debate on some challenging issues.

Knowing when to pass on wealth and to whom can be difficult without the additional complication of Inheritance Tax. Seeking the help of a Financial Planner will encourage an open and honest environment in which to discuss your thoughts, wishes and concerns so you can make objective financial decisions about the future of your wealth and minimise your exposure to unnecessary tax.

There are many elements that should be considered when compiling an estate plan, aspects such as:

  • Family estate planning
  • Estate planning for blended families
  • Succession planning
  • Inheritance estate planning
  • Business estate planning
  • Setting up trust accounts

The Benefits of a plan

The best plans are those that are unique to you. They consider your wishes for the distribution of your estate to your chosen beneficiaries.

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With sound forward planning and advice, the burden of Inheritance Tax (and other taxes) can be substantially reduced, giving you peace of mind that your wishes will be upheld.

When reviewing the structure of your estate, the advice you receive from a Financial Planner will be complimented with advice we receive from your accountant. Together they can recommend solutions that will help you mitigate tax and make use of your Inheritance Tax allowances.

Other issues that are relevant and should be considered include:

  • How, and when, should money be passed to family members
  • Donating money to charity
  • Setting up trusts
  • How, and when, to gift money

Estate planning is a crucial element of your overall financial strategy. It should incorporate your wishes for the next generation of your wealth whilst retaining enough capital for your future to cope with the unforeseen such as residential nursing home fees.

Download our Estate Planning Committee Key Information Sheet to find out more about the Paradigm Norton approach to estate and Inheritance Tax planning.
At Paradigm Norton we are in the privileged position to have an integrated specialist tax and business services team of Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Advisers.

With this unique offering, and our experience we can provide a joined-up service, reduce the impact on your time and guide you through this challenging time.
Download our Estate Planning Committee Key Information Sheet to find out more about the Paradigm Norton approach to estate and Inheritance Tax planning.
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