Your money, your values

What do you picture life to look like after the final whistle? As a professional athlete, the transition to a second career can be both exciting and uncertain. You’ve likely dedicated decades of hard work to maximise your talents, whilst getting paid to play the sport you love.

But what’s next?

Successfully navigating transition requires more than the management of just your money, it demands a partner with experience of the unique challenges and opportunities of professional athletes. Welcome to Paradigm Norton Sports – where quality financial planning meets the passion and dedication of professional athletes.

Navigating the Transition: Your Money Game Plan

The transition from professional sports to the real world requires a thoughtful strategy, and that’s where our team steps in. Led by Dave Lewis, Senior Financial Planner and former professional rugby player, we bring a personal experience to the table. Having navigated the transition himself, Dave has experienced and understands the financial and mental challenges athletes face when transitioning to the next chapter of their lives.

Your Financial Journey

From Athlete to the Next Chapter

Our approach is grounded in building long-term in depth relationships to guide, coach, and navigate athletes through their lives:

Professional Athlete: Making smart choices with your money, particularly whilst you are a professional athlete, and avoiding expensive mistakes, so that your future is secure.

The Transition: We always have one eye on the next chapter, so that when you transition you can do so as smoothly as possible.

The Next Chapter: Whether it’s building your own business, staying within sport, or a completely new career, we help you build a plan that provides clarity, control, choice, and the freedom to pursue your broader life goals.

Why Choose Paradigm Norton Sports

Personal Financial Planning: It is personal for us! Our team is dedicated to understanding you and your unique goals and what you value. We then work with you to create a financial plan that aligns with your vision for life beyond sports.

Comprehensive Services: From budgeting and insurance, to savings plans and tax-efficient investment strategies, we offer a holistic suite of services designed specifically for elite athletes.

Regular Touchpoints: We know life in professional sport is fast moving and can often feel like a rollercoaster, so we recognise the need for more regular catch ups. Our regular touchpoints ensure your financial plan remains agile and can adapt to changes in your career.

The Transition From Professional Sport

Download our free guide on how to transition from professional sport successfully. We outline the athlete’s journey, as well as our playbook for financial success.

Your Money Coach: Dave Lewis

Meet Dave Lewis, your money coach and guide through the intricacies of financial planning for professional athletes. Dave’s firsthand experience as a professional athlete, coupled with his extensive financial planning qualifications, positions him as a trusted advisor who truly understands your journey.

In pursuit of being the best in your sport, managing money can often take a back seat. Our financial coaching sessions with Dave and his team addresses crucial questions:

  • Where do I start?
  • Budgeting
  • How much should I be saving?
  • Where do I save?
  • Investment choices: property, stocks, shares, crypto?
  • Understanding ISAs and pensions
  • What happens if I get injured?
  • Balancing enjoying today without jeopardising ‘tomorrow’.
  • Preparing for life after being a professional athlete
Taking the first step: Book a Meeting

Your life doesn’t end when you step away from professional sport, in fact it is just the beginning. Used wisely, your time as a professional athlete can successfully springboard you into your next chapter.

Paradigm Norton Athletic is here to ensure that your future is financially secure, strategically planned, and aligned with what you want from life. Book a no-obligation meeting with us, and let's start planning for your future. Because 'money matters, but life matters more.'

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