Summary of our 2023 Impact Report

We’ve made it our vision to profoundly impact the lives of clients and we want to redefine what great financial planning means. Our 2023 Impact Report has just been released and part of this is our 2023 B Corp score, which shows the progress we have made since 2019. Below is a breakdown of our […]

Impact Report 2023: The impact and value of our employee ownership trust board

Impact report 2023 trust

We are a proud employee-owned business; all our employees are partners in the business. This means that every single one of us are committed to making a positive contribution – to both our on-going organisational growth, and to the wider world. Being employee owned means we can transition ownership to the next generation, while maintaining […]

Impact Report 2023: How the Paradigm Norton Trust is making an impact

How the Paradigm Norton Trust is making an impact

Giving back has always been important to us. Long before becoming a B Corp, we started The Paradigm Norton Trust to enable our philanthropy. For over 16 years, we’ve proudly supported local and global charities. In the last year we have donated £60,000 to causes we care deeply about. We’ve also strengthened ties with these […]

Impact Report 2023: Our impact on the community – the ripple effect

Impact report 2023 community

Our work in the last year to make a positive impact on both local and global communities has included working with like-minded suppliers and supporting fellow B Corps. Positively impacting the wider community through supplier relationships Every act creates ripples. When it comes to selecting suppliers, we now have a system that empowers our partners […]

Impact Report 2023: Our impact on our people – creating a dynamic culture

Impact report 2023 people

An employee-owned business, we enable partners to flourish in a friendly, collaborative environment where people truly belong. Our latest B Corp score jumped 99.7% in the People category and in this article, we outline how we achieved this. Every day we ask ourselves what it means to be a great employer. As an employee-owned business, […]

Impact Report 2023: Our impact for clients – becoming “unreasonable”

Impact report 2023 clients

How do we take a radical approach to client service that surprises and delights? This is a question we asked ourselves and we’ve found tremendous inspiration in the book, Unreasonable Hospitality: The remarkable power of giving people more than they expect, by Will Guidara. The book tells the story of radical invention and how you […]